Photo Portraits

These portraits are recreated from a photo and then fixed onto Memorial and Cremation plaques after the casting process. PBR can produce a highly durable image from a good quality photographic print.

Your photo portrait can be either Ceramic or Etched Metal. A Ceramic portrait is one where the image is reproduced in a glazed, slightly convex porcelain base. An Etched Metal portrait is one where the image is reproduced on a flat metal base. These portraits can be supplied as round, oval, rectangular or heart shapes. They range in size from 2". Photo portraits can be fixed to the plaque either using a cast-on frame or a fitted frame.




Etched Metal


Etched Metal with Frame


Please note that Portraits can also be retro-fitted to an existing bronze plaque or sign
Any individual portrait can be created and purchased for attachment to an existing plaque. Please contact PBR to discuss the appropriate method of fixing.