Will my bronze product require any maintenance (indoors or outdoors)?

Your bronze plaque, sign, commemorative product or cast metal lettering should not require major regular maintenance of any type. The metal and all physical and design features of PBR bronze products will remain intact indefinitely. 

PBR finishes all bronze products with a clear protective surface coating which ensures the product retains its visual appeal in the long term. Our coating is a Two Pack Thermosetting Acrylic clear paint, applied as a spray in a special purpose paint booth. The process is identical to that used on motor vehicles. In fact, the protective paint used at PBR is also used on superior motor cars such as BMWs. Both PBR and our paint supplier regularly conduct tests to assist us in arriving at the best possible paint and application procedures. This ensures our bronze products maintain their optimum appearance in all conditions.

However, eventually over a long period of time, the paint or patina and clear surface protective coating will break down and detract from the overall appearance of the product. The paint colour and integrity can be affected by ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures and extreme weather. Patina can be affected by extreme weather, industrial fall-out (chemicals) and high levels of atmospheric pollution. The clear surface protective coating can be affected by industrial fall-out (chemicals), accumulated dirt and airborne pollutants that may dull or bleach it, natural substances such as bird droppings, insect stains or tree saps that may mark or etch the film, and water containing salt or other minerals (eg bore water) that may cause the coating to fade.

PBR therefore recommends a degree of low-level, easy care and maintenance procedures which have the aim of preserving the paint and clear surface protective coating for as long as possible.

General Care and Maintenance
As a general rule, it is best to leave the product surface untouched. Only commence these procedures if obvious deterioration or staining occurs.

Plaques and Signs with a Painted Background and Clear Protective Coating:

      1. Clean the plaque or sign with warm water and detergent
      2. If necessary use a brush with soft plastic bristles such as a toothbrush 
      3. Do not use a wire brush or abrasive cleaning products 
      4. Rinse with clear water

Plaques and Signs with a Patina or Bare Metal Finish:

  1. Clean plaque or sign as above
  2. If the surface is tarnished or oxidised leaving an unattractive appearance, carefully rub over the surface with a fine "Scotch Brite" pad
  3. Wipe off the surface until it is clean and dry
  4. Apply a thin even coating of Microcrystalline wax 
  5. Allow to dry and polish with a soft cloth

In the unlikely event of your bronze product deteriorating to the extent where the recommended care and maintenance steps are not effective, PBR can offer refinishing:

  • Factory Refinishing – the product is removed from the base structure and returned to PBR. The remaining paint and protective coating is removed by sand blasting. It is then subjected to the regular painting and protective coating procedures that all new bronze products receive. The product will be returned in an "as new" condition with the maximum possible protection against future deterioration.


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