Fixing Systems

PBR offers a number of standard fixing methods to enable your plaque to be attached to the desired location. 

Detailed below are a list of common fixing methods (Note: other systems are available on request).

Click here to download the Drill Template Guide in PDF


Used for fixing to concrete, granite, or bricks.

Standard Lug

Drilled to fit threaded rod.

1/4″ Threaded Rod

Used for small / medium sized plaques

3/8″ Threaded Rod

Used for larger plaques


Used for fixing to wooden surfaces or existing bronze memorials (eg: scrolls, date tabs).

Scroll / Tab Screw

Used to fix scroll or date tabs to existing plaques

Wood Screw

Used to attached plaques to wooden surfaces

Straps / Spring Clips

Used for fixing to Columbarium or Niche Walls to cover the hole containing ashes.

Note: Straps and Spring Clips are available in a large range of sizes to best fit your Columbarium or Niche Wall.

When ordering please specifiy the dimension of the Strap / Spring Clip that will be used to attach to the back of the plaque and the location required.


Spring Clip

Double Spring Clip

Poles / Stakes

Used to lift plaque above ground surface.

Pole Fixing used for large plaques

Pole Fixing used for large plaques

Stake fixing mostly used on small plaques

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