Lawn / Mausoleum Markers

Bronze Range

The Bronze Image Range of Lawn and Mausoleum Markers incorporates images provided by the customer into the background of the memorial. These images will create a unique memorial that will have relevance and significance. These plaques allow full design flexibility and only incorporate images and inscriptions supplied by the end customer. 

A small selection of flat relief emblems such as service emblems may also be added to these plaques.

Anderson Arnold

This example is incorporated into a 24″ x 12″ Rock Edge Lawn Marker.  This is a fine example of how a number of elements for couples can be included to make a companion marker.

Captain Thunderbolt

The Architectural plaques show how small inscriptions can also be included in the plaques.

Anderson Veronica Steven

Shown on a 15″ x 8.5″ this plaque incorporates 4 images and text.  As the images are part of the casting the durability of this product is far superior to other portrait options available on the market.

Minnie Anderson

Shown on a 15″ x 11″ this plaque incorporates 5 images and text. The images provided are tastefully placed onto a plaque with the inscription by a skilled designer.  Flat relief emblems can also be added to these plaques.

Size Options Available:

Depending on the image quality this range of plaques is available in any standard size up to 44″ x 14″.  A minimum size of 6″ x 4″ is required to allow for detail in the images.  All plaques are available with your choice of Edge or Border and are finished with a standard brown patina.
A small selection of flat relief emblems such as service emblems may also be added to these plaques.

Required Image Quality:

  • Quality image with minimum 300 DPI
  • Image with definition


The “Bronze Image” range has a set price. If an image sent to PBR is not of an acceptable standard PBR reserves the right to refuse the job. At our discretion, we may be able to improve the image to an acceptable standard. This service will attract an extra fee.

Unacceptable Image Quality:

1. Low resolution, poorly lit image under 300 dpi.

2. Image with no definition.

3. Image with uneven shadowing due to poorly directed lighting.

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