4 FAQs About Bronze Plaques

by Alexander Blaho on April 13, 2022 in Uncategorized

Creating and placing the perfect slate to commemorate the life of a loved one or a beloved memory is possible when you invest in bronze plaques. Phoenix Bronze Resources is proud to help cemeteries, funeral homes and other businesses across the Pennsylvania Mountains area help their clients say goodbye and ensure their loved one is remembered forever. We specialize in casting the best premium quality bronze plaques in the country and are happy to answer a few common questions we receive from our business partners. Read a few of them below and reach out to us directly to get started on your next project! 

What Types of Plaques Are Available?

At our Phoenix Bronze Resources base in Aliquippa, PA, we offer several different variations of the best premium quality bronze plaques in the country. Depending on what your clients would like to best capture the spirit and memory of their departed loved ones, we can cast several different types of bronze plaques, including:

How Durable Are Bronze Plaques?

As the owner of a cemetery or funeral, you understand how critical it is for the commemorative marker of a loved one to withstand even the toughest Pennsylvania weather. It is for this reason that our Phoenix Bronze Resources products require very little routine maintenance and are created with a protective, clear surface coating. When it comes to creating the best premium-quality bronze plaques in the country, we don’t make any compromises on quality or durability. 

How Expensive Are Bronze Plaques?

Our mission at Phoenix Bronze Resources is to provide the best premium quality bronze plaques in the country without putting our hardworking clients in the red. If one of our signature, beautiful products is exactly what you need to help your customers achieve their goals, contact us directly for more information! If you don’t see exactly what you need on our website, our team is flexible and will be happy to work with you on creating a unique bronze plaque.

What Is The Creation Process For Bronze Plaques?

If you’re a cemetery or funeral home owner looking to take advantage of the best premium quality bronze plaques in the country, look no further than Phoenix Bronze Resources. When you find a bronze plaque in our collection that is perfect for your client’s needs, feel free to follow the corresponding Design Information to let us know how the final product will look. From there, fill out the Order Enquiry form to let us know what you’d like for online ordering or in-person ordering. After you receive a proof of your plaque, you can expect about a four week turnaround time for order completion. 

Browse The Best Premium Quality Bronze Plaques

Phoenix Bronze Resources is proud to help capture memories in bronze for grieving friends and loved ones. If you’re interested in browsing our bronze plaque options, view our entire inventory to see what works best for your client’s needs. Read through our other FAQs and reach out to us directly to answer all your questions!

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