4 Types Of Plaques From Phoenix Bronze Resources

by Alexander Blaho on March 7, 2022 in Uncategorized

When you’re trying to preserve the memory of a loved one, you need something that can endure the test of time. At Phoenix Bronze Resources, we specialize in crafting bronze plaques and markers that keep memories alive and strong. Our foundry, established in 2007, is based in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, and ready to support our customers’ memorial needs. Read on to learn more about the custom bronze plaques we offer.

photo of lawn marker

Lawn and Mausoleum Markers

Phoenix Bronze Resources is proud to offer two ranges of bronze lawn and mausoleum markers. The Traditional Range includes set patterns, size options, and emblem design placements. This range of markers is timeless, making them perfect for honoring a lost loved one. Our Bronze Image Range allows for more flexibility and personalization. Customers can provide their own images and inscriptions, making this range ideal for those who want a unique memorial for their loved ones.

Architectural Plaques

If you’d like to commemorate a person, place, or event, we suggest our architectural plaques. Not only are they sophisticated, but also a beautiful way to remember someone or something special. Besides our Commemorative Plaques, Phoenix Bronze Resources also offers:

Crypt and Niche Plaques

We offer a selection of Crypt and Niche plaques that can suit several different needs. They work well for memorial walls, urn niches, garden areas, and more. No matter what type of custom bronze plaque you’re looking for, one of our options should suit your loved one’s memory:

Pet Memorial Plaques

Pets are family too, and Phoenix Bronze Resources knows that. That’s why we offer a selection of bronze pet memorial plaques that can honor their memory. You can easily attach these plaques to whichever special place you and your pet shared, whether it’s living room furniture or a backyard tree.

Custom bronze plaques are a beautiful way to keep your loved one’s memory alive. At Phoenix Bronze Resources, you can trust us to support all your memorial needs. Learn more about our products and place your order today!

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